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What is

PracticePad is an online lesson companion with built in web apps that track your progress, gives you powerful video and recording tools to help you learn and comes with HUNDREDS of tutorials you can unlock to trigger a tsunami of learning potential!

PracticePad™ is an incredible resource for students and teachers that combines hundreds of video tutorials & assignments WITH LIVE ONE-ON-ONE teaching. PracticePad™ can be used for in person lessons, for touchless lesson support material and for online lessons with our powerful PracticePad Live video feature!

What do you get in a
PracticePad subscription?

1. Live one-on-one lessons in our custom video portal

2. Recording progress in our video cloud

3. Audio recording

4. Custom tutorials

5. Fun Progress mapping and gamification

6. Access to 100’s of skill tutorials

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Plus live online lessons with a dedicated instructor when you want.
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With PracticePad™ get access to the most exciting, innovative online lesson companion out there
Live Dedicated Customer Support 7 days a week for online lessons
Plus live online lessons with a dedicated instructor when you want.

The Power of Video

With your membership, you get the power of live video instruction and evergreen tutorials in PracticePad specifically designed to get you the progress you need at a price you can't beat!

Learn Anywhere

Get access to exclusive content and features that you can't find anywhere! Learn, record your progress, ask questions when you need help and have a blast doing it!

Power of Gamification

Time to play a game! Earn points for PROGRESS and see real world results on your music quest. Using our lesson tracker technology, you can see what you've completed, what's next, win challenges, record videos of your progress, utilize our audio suite and see video progress from lessons!

The Power Of Recording

Record your progress. Record video lessons and audio recordings of what you are working on!

How do you know you are getting better? By seeing it! Using our unique method and powerful recording suite, you can jam with your instructor, utilize incredible tricks and tips and harness the true power of PracticePad™: PROGRESS.

The Power Of Goal Setting

Imagine you are in a room alone with your instrument. Can you see yourself playing, singing, strumming or jamming? Can you see the crowds around you at a campfire, from the stage as you sing or the joy you bring from your first song?

How does this start? With the Real Brave Method's assessment portal, you begin this journey with serious GOAL SETTING. This way PracticePad knows where you want to go and your instructor can guide the way!

The Power Of The Real Brave Method

The Real Brave Method's true genius comes from a secret. You are the bearer of the path, not just the instructor. You are the key to unlocking the power of PracticePad!

We've baked in hundreds of tutorials and skills but only YOU can unlock them after YOU choose the path.

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Access to all features
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month + 4 lesson
One full month subscription
4 lessons per month with a
Real Brave™ Music Coach